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Here you'll find tales of my domestic adventures and my mostly free knitting and quilting patterns. My most popular patterns include monster baby booties, ski hat with ear flaps, Lotus baby blanket, and men's cable hat.

I Still Love You, House

Published by Shana | Filed under Free, Knitting, Patterns

When I first bought my house 18 months ago, I was constantly doing little improvements. A coat of paint here, the perfect antique store find there, and handmade things everywhere. But, as time passed and 2010 became a chaotic whirlwind of going places and doing things, the improvements slowed.

So, here I am – stained kitchen towels, unorganized drawers, artless walls. I need a swift kick in the butt. During my week off over the holidays, I was able to give my house some small tokens of affection.

I now have some freshly embroidered Kurt Halsey towels to replace the last sets, which have become a Pollack of coffee stains.

Oh, the whimsy. It overwhelms.

A couple more washcloths were added to the heap.

Washcloth patterns

Both use size 8 needles and cotton yarn like Sugar and Cream.

Eyelet Washcloth Pattern

(lower one)

Cable cast-on 33 sts

K 3 rows

P next row and every even row of the pattern

Work in the following pattern until the cloth measures 8 inches (or size you desire). K2 at beg and end of each row

  • Row 1 – (k2tog, yo, k2), k1
  • Row 3 – K
  • Row 5 – (K2, ssk, yo), k1
  • Row 7 – K

K 3 rows and cast off

Ridged Washcloth Pattern

(upper one)

This uses two colors of yarn. It’s a little tough to see, because I sued white and cream.

Longtail cast on 30 sts in Color 1

P next row

Repeat the following pattern until cloth is 8 inches or length you want.

  • Switch to Color 2
  • P one row
  • K one row
  • Switch to Color 1
  • K one row
  • P one row


This is two different colors. Really.

Lastly, an extra map of Istanbul I had laying around from my trip in June became marble magnets for the fridge. If you are one of the four remaining people who does not know how to make these, Not Martha has a far better tutorial than I’m willing to put together. She also has figured out how to photograph them, which is beyond my abilities.

The awesomeness of these is overshadowed by the awesomeness of Istanbul

I’m taking the Spring off from school, so I’m hoping to be posting more stuff up here. I’ve also been too busy to post patterns, but 2011 should be less chaotic. In theory.

January 2nd, 2011
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One Response to “I Still Love You, House”

  1. marion Says:

    hi, im wanting to knit your eyelete washcloth and im wondering if (k2tog,yo,k2),k1 means to repeat that in parentheses and do the k1 at the end of the row or not.
    i love the pattern, thank you

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