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Bok Party

Published by Shana | Filed under Knitting

You know what is an endless source of entertainment and wonderful pun opportunities? Chickens.

You’d think, having been raised on farm and all, I’d already know this, but my father is the most anti-poultry person you’ll ever meet. The only childhood memories I have of chickens was when Grandpa Wortmann would, ahem, gather a few for dinner. I’d “help” by running around like a chicken, ahem, with its head cut off, and then run into the side of the barn and fall over dead. With creative fun like that, who needed a Nintendo!?

(me. the answer is me.)

Anyway, meet my feathery friends! They lay tiny, delicious eggs.

Amelia, on the left, is keeping her eye on Eva, who rules the roost with an iron beak.

Amelia, on the left, is avoiding Eva, who rules the roost with an iron beak.

In knitting news, I finished TWO fingering weight sweaters. First, the easier one:

A cardigan fit for Mr. Rogers.

A cardigan fit for Mr. Rogers.

This is Pauli. I made some minor mods, because I ran out of yarn, but mostly followed the directions. Which means I knit almost 1,500 yards of stockinette and wove in 300 ends. I’m so glad this sweater is over. The fit is a bit weird, but it’s passable for errands.

And, 9 months of knitting later, I have finally finished Grey Havens.

This is the side with the fewest errors.

This is the side with the fewest errors.

This is probably the first sweater which is not immediately recognizable as homemade. I’m pretty pumped about it. I did alter the neckline, because I tend to get hot in pullovers.

The yarn was picked up for a song in Ariquipa on our honeymoon, so it’s extra nice that it turned out well. And, since alpaca has a tendency to grow and lose its shape over time, I feel like this sweater has pre-approved me getting fat post-marriage. Thanks sweater!

October 4th, 2013

One Response to “Bok Party”

  1. elisa Says:

    I think you did an excellent job on the Alpaca sweater, your work is so uniform, I taught myself to knit, and believe me, it’s not uniform, LOL, But I still love knitting, my specialty is crocheting, since I was 8 yrs. old. keep up with your knitting, it’s beautiful. :)

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